Get the Lowdown on the two troublesome types of Timber Rot

The main culprit behind timber damage in Melbourne homes is none other than fungus with a capital F. Fungal decay can wreak havoc on your

Wall Cracks in Your Home

Crack the Code on Wall Cracks in your Home

Waking up to a notable crack in your home, or discovering one while touring a property you are interested in purchasing can leave a lingering

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Why Pre-Purchase Building Inspections should be carried out by a registered builder

Buying a new home is an investment of a lifetime for some people. Choosing the right house or building can be a challenging task. Therefore,

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Five Important issues a Building Inspector will search for when Inspecting a Property

  Prior to purchasing a property, it is crucial to hire a qualified building inspector with an eye for building defects and hazards which can

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What to Do When Structural Defects Are Identified During a Property Purchase

So you’ve just about made it through a property purchase. You’ve taken care of your financing. You’ve negotiated with the seller to find a price

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9 Problems You Hope Your Building Inspection Doesn’t Find

A pre purchase building inspection is essential if you are in the market for a new home Or maybe you’re about to buy a new investment

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Building Defects | Juro Building Inspections

Building Defects Identifying building defects is among the most important aspects of any property inspection service. You want to make sure that every problem or

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Do I Need a Building Inspection When Buying at an Auction?

Do I Need a Building Inspection When Buying at an Auction? Property auctions are one of the most exciting places for buyers to experience. It’s

Pre Purchase Building Inspection | Juro Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Purchasing a home or business property is one of the most exciting moments in any person’s life. It’s easy to get

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Why a Building Inspection Tests for signs of Water

Why a Building Inspection Tests for signs of Water Water damage is an incredibly complex issue in a home or other property. The extent of