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Juro Building Inspections is your source for the best property inspections in Melbourne. Our team is comprised of a committed group of experienced inspectors ready to help you. We’ll provide comprehensive Melbourne building inspections and reporting to ensure that you have all the facts related to your property.

What’s Included

Your comprehensive inspection is designed to thoroughly assess all the critical areas of your home or other property. Property inspections are designed to reveal everything you need to know about a building. This holds true whether you’re buying, selling, or simply preparing for a renovation or expansion.

Services include all of the following:

Interior Inspection: We’ll check a building’s walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, frames, plumbing, and more. Any defects or problems will be identified and documented.

Exterior Inspection: We’ll evaluate all major exterior areas including walls, doors, windows, frames, chimneys, structural components, and more. If there’s an issue on the outside of a building, rest assured we will find it.

Roof Exterior & Interior Framing: We’ll ensure that any potential problems from the roof will be properly identified. This includes wear-and-tear, water damage, leak risks, wood rot, and more.

Sub-Floors & Foundation:
Among the most important areas of an inspection, your sub-flooring and foundation are often difficult to assess. Fortunately, our team is ready for the challenge. Major problems in the sub-floors or foundation will be carefully catalogued. In addition, potential risk factors that could lead to later problems will be identified by an experienced building inspector.

Keeping Your Mind at Ease

Whether you’re an individual or a business, buying a home or property is a huge investment. It’s important that you have all the information you need about a property before you make the decision to buy it. The last thing you want is to encounter a defect or problem with the building after you’ve already signed on the dotted line!

The Best Service in Melbourne: Just for You

As you can see, Juro Building Inspections is here for you. We’re your top independent building inspector in Melbourne, ready to help no matter what you need.
From commercial buildings to homes, getting expert building inspection services is critical! Phone us today on 0412 676 285 or contact us online to speak with one of our building inspector and learn more about what we do. We’ll be happy to show you why we’re your choice for objective, comprehensive inspection services.

Most Juro building inspections are arranged within 24 hours of being booked, and the report supplied the next working day. Our Building inspector offers a wide range of inspections to suit every need.