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A pre purchase building inspection is essential if you are in the market for a new home

Or maybe you’re about to buy a new investment property. No matter what your purchase is. You never know what types of problems a property may have that you can’t see!

Below, check out 9 of the worst problems you hope your building inspector doesn’t find. These problems are exactly why you need to have a full inspection before you decide to buy!

9. Water Damage:

Leaky roofs, damaged gutters, bad plumbing, and even basement flooding can cause irreparable problems throughout a property.

8. Mould Problems:

Speaking of water damage, one of the worst symptoms of a wet home is the growth of mould.

7. Foundation Problems:

Issues with the foundation can be a deal breaker for even the most beautiful homes.

6. Improper Drainage Toward the Home:

While this problem is often difficult to see, improper drainage back toward a property is big red flag. Over time, it can damage your foundation, flood your basement, and cause lots of other unwanted surprises.

5. Roof Issues:

Replacing a roof can be an extremely expensive repair, so finding problems with the roof is a major issue. Additionally, ongoing problems with a roof can lead to water damage, mould growth, wood rot, and more.

4. Old Wiring:

Out dated or improper wiring can be a fire hazard, and it’s usually an expensive repair.

3. HVAC Issues:

Old, damaged, or malfunctioning heating and cooling systems are like a ticking time bomb for future problems.

2. Termite Infestation:

 Termites can create enduring damage within your walls, and structural timbers that can be  extremely costly to repair.

1. Plumbing:

Leaking pipes can cause massive damage both inside and out.

Property Inspection Is Essential!

As you can see, problems of all types can creep up in even the most well-maintained homes! In many cases, pre purchase building inspections are skipped as a condition of a house purchase. But with problems like these happening all over Melbourne, it’s important to never skip this step.

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